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Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and is located in the Abuja Federal Capital Territory. It is a planned city that was built in the 1980s to replace Lagos as the country's capital. Abuja is known for its modern infrastructure, including its wide roads, impressive government buildings, and numerous parks and gardens. It is a major political, economic, and cultural center for Nigeria, and is home to many foreign embassies and international organizations. Abuja also has a diverse population, with people from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds living and working together. The city is a hub for business and commerce, and is known for its bustling markets and shopping centers. It also has a growing tourism industry, with attractions such as the Aso Rock, Zuma Rock, and the National Mosque. Abuja is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city that continues to grow and develop, making it a symbol of Nigeria's progress and modernization.

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