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About Xuancheng, Anhui

Xuancheng is a prefecture-level city located in the southeastern part of Anhui Province, China. It is situated along the banks of the Xin'an River and is surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests. The city has a long history, dating back to the Han Dynasty, and is known for its rich cultural heritage. Xuancheng is also an important economic hub, with a thriving agricultural industry, particularly in tea production. The city is home to several scenic spots, including the picturesque Huangshan Mountains and the ancient villages of Xidi and Hongcun, which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Xuancheng is also known for its delicious local cuisine, including specialties such as bamboo shoots and freshwater fish. With its charming natural scenery and cultural attractions, Xuancheng is a popular tourist destination in Anhui Province.

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