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About Putian, Fujian

Putian is a coastal city located in the Fujian province of China. It is known for its rich history and cultural heritage, with a history dating back over 2,000 years. The city is located on the west bank of the Taiwan Strait and is home to a thriving seaport, making it an important economic center for trade and commerce. One of the main attractions in Putian is the Meizhou Island, a picturesque island known for its beautiful beaches, temples, and seafood markets. The city is also home to several historical sites, such as the Hanjiang Ancestral Temple and the Mazu Temple, showcasing its strong ties to Chinese tradition and religion. In recent years, Putian has experienced rapid economic growth, with industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism driving its economy. It is also a hub for education and research, with several universities and research institutes located in the city. Overall, Putian offers a unique blend of ancient history and modern development, making it a popular destination for tourists and a thriving city for its residents.

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